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iPee ~ Training Classes

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iPee ~ Training Classes Empty iPee ~ Training Classes

Post by Quicksilver Sat Feb 19, 2011 1:41 pm

I'm sure many of you have met me, but Petter. I was in Boomsh, and was a leader of L-o-L. I founded, and lead Banged , was alive over a year until it died/retired. I have been trained by the best, who have been trained by the best.

My trainer: Anarchy11 got trained by Liquidiamond, Arguably the best sniper in SA history, and one of IOA's original leaders. His trainer: Ownagenesss, AKA Focus, the main leader of IOA, and the best player of stick arena ever.

I have learned from the best, and I have taught the best.

My pupils: BBS, Lxgendary JimiGota, Dmx, Stamina and many more..

I have experience, and I've been playing SA since 2006.

I'm here to offer anyone training. Anyone who wants it, can have it. I only ask a few things.

1. Listen and learn.
2. help me to help you.
3. Have a good attitude. The old clan i was in, Boomsha, was founded on the idea of making the future of SA, which has been shown with me, Ojje and Fal.
To make them more respectful, and less cocky. So Don't be an asshole like 75% of SA, be respectful. Otherwise I'm disowning your ass.

Ill teach you tips and trick in 1v1s, 2v2s, sniping spots, melee, and anything else you need.
I have drills to help your aim, as well as cornering.

We will do this in euro server.

Post if you want the training. Or catch me in the chatbox.
And i will tell you if i got time for it or not, ATM.

~ iPee

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